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ASK NAGEL BUYERS PAY LESS!! Compare These 2 Props & Note They Are Identical, EXCEPT Our Buyer Paid Less! 2448 W. Augusta Unit 1 went off the mkt June 2013 & sold for $365K – Not my client L 2414 W. Iowa Unit 1 went off the mkt Dec 2014 & sold for $329K – My Clients! J Here are the facts: 2414 W. Iowa local is better (less busy street), which offsets age of the bldg – WASH The bldg is nearly identical & has the same [...]


The Power Of Home Ownership Vs. Renting – Make 33% Annually On Your Downpayment!

The Power of Home Ownership Vs. Renting Click Link below to read full article: Wow! What a Stat!  $14 Billion! Well Here Is Even A More Impressive Stat! If you purchase a property, you will make 33% on average on your down payment / investment annually in opposed to renting!  This includes monthly savings vs. renting, tax savings, principal pay down, and modest 3% appreciation. The main assumptions are that the market rent for a $425K 2 bed 2 bath w/ Garage condo is $2600/mo. Then assume 20% down (higher returns actually are achieved for putting [...]