Sell Your Wicker Park Property For Top Dollar

by: Greg Nagel
Ask Nagel Realty

Sell Your Wicker Park Property For Top Dollar

If you want to sell your Wicker Park property for top dollar it’s all about planning and strategy, especially now as the market is more competitive for the seller.

  1. REPAIRS: Water issues, moldy caulk, broken outlet plates, missing knobs, is showing failure by a 1000 cuts should be fixed in advance.
  2. IMPROVEMENTS: Your home is often judged by the lowest finish item that stands out. For instance, do you have an updated kitchen with a 1995 light or fan? This one low finish item brings down the whole kitchen and home. There is no better ROI than paint, and then lighting. Redoing all the switches and outlets (to the Dekor brand) can really modernize and freshen up a home very inexpensively. An experienced broker is strategic about the small inexpensive repairs that make a big perception change for the buyer. Another example is getting rid of the framed contractor mirror and Hollywood lighting in the master bath and replacing with 2 framed mirrors with new lighting which is usually about $500 altogether and makes a big impact.
  3. PRICING: Do a detailed comparative market analysis adjusting for the strength and weaknesses of your home is key. We want to be priced above the market value so we have room to negotiate, but below major retail price points so our listing is seen in the automated searches and we drive traffic into the home.
  4. CONDOMINIUMS: For condos, prep to sell includes the maintenance of common areas of the building like the rusty fence, the financial reserves, and the organization of the association including minutes, the budget, and how the treasurer will respond to questions as many deals die because association volunteers are not trained on how to respond.
  5. STAGING: Staging makes a world of difference which is why I cover 50% of the staging costs if we hire a company which I recommend doing, or I help to stage and “edit” the space if we are selling while living there. Never overestimate the ability of the average person to envision the space and remember emotion is part of the process for most people.
  6. PHOTOGRAPHY: The best possible pics high definition wide-angle pics with proper lighting, moving furniture, de-cluttering, strategic angles, bending down to get more floor to make space look bigger, etc. Also, the selective use of pics and order is important. If it’s an all brick building, I’m going to pic the front exterior on a 45 to show the brick on the sides, where if it’s a split face block property, I’m going to pic the front straight on hiding the sides.
  7. STRATEGY: Strategic marketing to both brokerage community and direct to end-user using all of the syndication sites, and social media platforms including local groups.
  8. SHOWING: Proper showing of the home done by an experienced agent who gives the buyer room to absorb the space and have an emotional reaction, but then hovers and listens in, so at the end can answer all the questions and target the selling based on the buyer’s comments and questions. You cannot afford to trust the sale of your home to a friend or acquaintance. you need the most strategic hardworking person you can find who has a track record of getting top dollar for their clients. That’s why I like to say that I work “harder and smarter” than the competition to get my clients top dollar as it takes both strategy and sweat.

Now is the time to meet with a top broker, form your strategy, identify your repairs and improvements, and do a preliminary CMA to value your home for planning purposes. When you hire me, you get me, and I will be your sole point of contact and will show your home personally, sell it, and manage all aspects of the deal including inspection and appraisal personally.

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